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Catch up

I’ve had posts written in my head at least 3 times a week but have never got round to putting fingers to keyboard! So here, at last, I am. Not that I’ve been doing very much since my last post, just getting my head down and getting on with it mainly.

Diet wise I weigh now the same as when I began with the work slimming club. While it makes me laugh, at least I don’t weigh any heavier. Or I might after this weekend as I fell right off the wagon with pringles and wine on Friday, lunch out on Saturday and a chinese on Saturday night. Oh well, I’m kind of back on it now so if I manage to stay the same again this week it will be a bonus.

Knitting wise I’ve started and frogged a couple of projects but have finally settled on something I like. Phew!!!

In other news I’m just looking forward to a couple of weeks off work at Easter plus (hopefully) some decent weather. I’m sick of having to wear warm layers. I want to skip about in t-shirts and sandals, dammit!!

and just to cheer you up…


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