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I am knitting with this on teeny tiny needles. Yes, I may be mad but at least it keeps me out of mischief.

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I have decided to give up on my diet as it is clearly getting me nowhere. I don’t mean I’m suddenly going to start eating everything in sight, tempting though that is. I am just going to stop weighing myself and giving up completely the things I like. The crunch came when I had gained 2lbs after a week of being good apart from a takeaway and a tube of Pringles. If you gain 2lbs after a little treat like that then there is clearly something not right. The not right is my medication, as I only began gaining significantly when I was put onto it. So I’m going to stick with the eating healthily, stick with the calorie counting, try and exercise more (always easier in Spring and Summer!) as this seems to be keeping me from getting significantly fatter but if I fancy something “non-diety” then I’ll have it, keeping a close eye that I don’t have too many treats! Then once I come off my meds, hopefully by the summer, I can be really strict and see how I get on from there. If my weight gain is due to medication then I should start to lose it steadily once I come off the medication in combo with diet and exercise, right?

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