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Week #1

First weigh in and I lost four and a half pounds. Woooo!!!!

The diet starts again tomorrow as I’m just off out for a slap up meal :))


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At last!

After weeks of saying so I have finally bitten the bullet and signed up for Slimming World. The group seem nice and the person who runs it has given me her mobile number and added me to the group’s facebook page. After reading the books from cover to cover (well, skim read) I investigated the fridges (yes, we have 2) and made a shopping list. It almost totally consisted of fruit and veg! I bought more than I would normally have bought so there was plenty for snacks. In fact I think the only other things I bought were Mullerlight yoghurts (which I eat anyway), squash (boo to fruit juice not being free) and milk. I couldn’t find plain fromage frais or quark in Sainsbury’s but I’m told that Tesco stock it so I’ll trot along tomorrow and see. If not I’ll just get some Greek yoghurt but I like the slight cheesiness of ff/quark. My mum used to use quark a lot when I was little and nobody knew what it was. God knows where she used to buy it!

I started as I mean to go on and spent what felt like ages chopping up melon and grapefruit into tubs. If I leave it whole in the fridge I’ll never eat it so doing this means I can just pick. I was going to do the same with carrots but had lost the will to live by then!

Writing down my food diary for today and I’ve only used 2.5 syns, although I might have some orange juice with my tea. Even so that will take it up to 5 syns which is pretty good going. I am already missing cheese though 😦

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