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Reading blogs

How do people read and interact with blogs?

I used to use Google Reader to organize all my blogs, otherwise I would never read any. I kept forgetting to click on those bookmarked links! Since the demise of Google Reader I now use Feedly, which I actually prefer now I’ve figured out how to use it. All the blogs I follow are put into nice little categories, each new post pops up on the main page so I can just click on each to read it. Any I don’t have time to read at the time stay on the main page until I have read them. Feedly even allows me to save individual blogposts which is handy if somebody has posted a recipe or tip which I might want later. It saves me scrolling through months of posts.

I don’t always comment on blogs as often I haven’t anything pretty or witty to say at the time of reading but I often ‘like’ a post to show the writer of a blog that I have read their work. I do like to know if people are actually reading what I blabber on about, and presume others feel the same way. While comments are always more than welcome, if they are pleasant and/or constructive, I appreciate that sometimes one has nothing particular to say at the time, which is why I like the ‘like’ button which so many blogs feature these days.

So…..how do you read yours? (to paraphrase the Cadbury’s creme egg advert)


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