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September was just a mad and crazy month. I have worked in education for 12 years now (how did that happen? I regularly feel like a newbie who still can’t do the job!) and I have never known a September like it. I think the looming of the dreaded Ofstead doesn’t a calm environment make, neither does several Hottentots in one class. It is 3 weeks until half term and hopefully the Hottentots will be concern noted and behaviour contracted into submission or decide this isn’t the course for them and transfer. Ofstead will be Ofstead whatever I may wish so let’s hope we get an Outstanding this time round. Everybody seems to be striving for that grade so here’s hoping we pull it out of the hat……


Random photo of Shaun, Timmy and Timmy’s Mummy…..just because! (Photo courtesy of Alison Coomber)

Due to the threat of fresher’s flu (which never developed beyond a nasty cough – touch wood) and extreme exhaustion (I have been in bed by 9.30pm every night for four weeks!) I haven’t accomplished very much. I desperately need to find some energy from somewhere before all my on the go projects start growing mould, plus I can’t carry on for much longer in this state. I did have some good news about my health this week, which means no more visits to the doctor until February’s medication review (Bacterial infections please take note and take your friends The Viruses on a well deserved holiday to the Antarctic). That has cheered me up a bit. Since the end of March I have been to the doctor’s every 2-3 weeks. They must have been as sick of me as I was of them!

So here’s hoping October is a beautiful Autumn month with nice calmness and lack of these…..


(Image from Giant Microbes – check them out, they’re great!)


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