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New boots

I have a huge problem buying knee high boots. Although I am below the average size of a British woman (size 16) I have very fat calves. I rarely find knee boots that fit in ordinary shoe shops, they simply will not zip up. Pull on ones are a bit better but they’re rather thin on the ground. Knee high boots from shops for the fuller figure, such as Evans are too big and baggy around the calves. So when I got the small financial benefits of working extra hours I decided to look around for a pair of boots that fit. I ended up at Duo (www.duoboots.com if the link doesn’t work)who sell footwear based on measurements rather than standard sizes. Shoes and ankle boots are based on the width of your foot, while knee high boots come in standard shoe sizes but they have up to 21 calf widths. I gaily measured my calves, filled in the form and my bank account was distinctly poorer for it. The first lot I received were too small because I’d measured my calves too low down, so I watched the measuring guide video clip and measured again. Precisely one week after taking the unsuitable pair to the courier collection point my replacement pair arrived.


They are beautifully packaged, in a very strong box, much stronger than the usual shoeboxes. Each boot was stuffed both foot and calf to keep them in shape and they were lovingly wrapped in tissue with a leaflet with instructions on care.


The outer boot is lovely glossy black leather, really soft and the quality feels wonderful. The linings are also leather, buttery soft and a pale gold.


They feel wonderful on my bare legs, they don’t rub at all, although I am more likely to be wearing them with tights or leggings. Some of the reviews complained that the ankles were too small but I didn’t find it so. Either my ankles are slimmer than I thought they were or those reviewers had ankles that are much larger than mine. The fit on my feet was very good too, my feet tend towards a narrower fit but the cut of the boot feet is on the narrow side too so no problems there.


As all who know me are aware, I am addicted to heels, although nothing too high. These are described as ‘mid heel’ and are a comfortable height for walking in. They give me enough lift that my stunted growth isn’t as noticeable and I merely look dainty and petite……at least that is my intention and please don’t disabuse me of that!!!

These boots were really out of the budget that I had set myself, but they are worth every penny and are worth the effort of being skint for a month. The quality is superb, the customer service is excellent and with suitable care these boots should last a good few years. That will mean the cost per wear will be an absolute bargain (and also give me plenty of time to save up for my next pair!)


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