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Dress how you damn well want!

Inspired by Retro Chick ‘s latest post (www.retrochick.co.uk) I was set to thinking about how people see others, in respect to their dress. I like to think of myself as pretty non judgmental when it comes to how people look but I am sure I make subconscious judgments about people based on their clothes. In my world view going outside of your own garden in your pyjamas is unacceptable. I have been known to dash to the bin in my PJs when I think the binmen might turn up while I’m dressing, but going to the shops/school run etc is just Not On. It only takes five minutes to wash your face, yank a brush through your hair and pull on jeans or joggers and a top. Where did the going out in PJs come from? It strikes me as pure laziness and not having respect for yourself. (To any of my friends who do this, I still love you and all your flaws :-*) I sometimes see people in the street and long to give them a makeover – nothing radical – simply replacing ill fitting clothes with well fitting and in colours that suit them.

I always used to dress to suit my own taste and style, yes there were a few disasters but that’s part of growing up and discovering who you are. Then medication caused me to pile on weight and life caused me to lose myself. I fell into the ill-fitting jeans/t shirt/ponytail all the time trap which is fine if that is you but it isn’t me. Yanking myself up by the bootstraps I cut my waist length hair into a layered bob, rediscovered  my eyeliner, lost 3st and found my own sense of style once more.
I dress to please myself which means dresses of all lengths, but with a leaning towards tea dresses and circle dresses for everyday, classic jersey dresses (mostly Boden ebay bargains) or skater dresses for work and either cigarette, Capri or wide legged trousers. My jeans are slim fitting, because that’s how I like them. I do have a couple of pairs of boot cut jeans and cords but I don’t wear them very often. Going out I will wear “wiggle” or pencil dresses but I haven’t quite worked up the courage to wear them during the day – other than pencil skirts. Maybe getting some sucky-in underwear will make me braver! People often say I look dressed up when I think I’m just dressed normally. Today is a “slobbing clothes” kind of day and I’m in a pair of plum coloured, boot cut cords, a somewhat faded black, long sleeved tunic top and my favourite cardigan which is actually knitted from a 1950’s bedjacket pattern. That kind of outfit may be dressed up to somebody else.

I think what I’m trying to say that everybody has the right to wear what they damn well want but it is my opinion that everybody should respect themselves enough to wear well fitting clothes that suit them, whatever their style…….and leave the pyjamas at home!


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