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Had tickets gone on sale earlier in the month than they did I could have been at a New Kids on the Block concert dancing away and generally shrieking like a teenager.

But no. Instead of spending my evening with these lovelies (and my like minded friends)


I am at home literally cleaning shit from this damned creature, who is too darned lazy to go outside and poop in the rain.


And no, he is NOT cute today AT ALL!!!!!

Sometimes life seems so unfair.


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Expect more…..

I have joined WordPress’ Writing 101 challenge, so expect more posts on random subjects. It’s intent is to improve one’s blogging skills, give ideas and challenges on posting regularly and provide a springboard for thoughts. Thank you Claire for telling me about it.

I have also found a notebook app for my phone; one that allows you to create real electronic notebooks, not just lists (although I do have a list app as well because I am the List Queen!) I have transferred some of my current writing into it and set up books for other writing, including blog notes.

Small things make me happy……

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Whitsun Bank Holiday

The weather this weekend has been appalling, apart from today. I keep thinking it is Sunday because it usually rains on a bank holiday Monday! Yesterday I met E for a drink, we have been close friends since we were five years old but she lives in London so we don’t see one another as often as we would like. For some reason my anxiety was playing up so I had to force myself to change and go out. E had her new man with her (I was glad I hadn’t known beforehand or I might not have gone!) He seems very nice and they seem to make one another happy, so that is all to the good. E and I exchanged our much belated Christmas presents: She bought me the most gorgeous evening bag, it is a much deeper purple than the photo shows


She also bought me a jotter block, which she claims that she saw and thought of me!……..I can’t imagine why!!!


and inside…


I am glad that I went as I really enjoyed my evening but I was very cross with myself. Anxiety sucks.

Today I went to the Bowes Museum, near Barnard Castle.


There was an exhibition of miner’s artwork, which I wanted to see. There were some very thought provoking and beautiful works on display. Sadly the information boards were faded white writing on dark blue boards, which were very difficult to read in the low light levels. I had a look in some of the other galleries while I was there – somehow they never get tired. Home was via an ice cream parlour – sunny days are made for ice cream!

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Pixieanna Goes To Town

So, what have I been up to since my last post? I’ve done a fair bit of blogworthy stuff but sheer laziness has meant that I haven’t posted.

During my Easter break I went to London (well, Eltham really) to help a dear friend celebrate her birthday. It involved seeing old friends, meeting new ones, delicious food, cocktails, amazing views of London by night, chips on the beach and toiling up to the top of Dungeness lighthouse for more amazing views (we think this is the model for Demon’s Rocks lighthouse in the Famous Five book of the same name) I also discovered a new-to-me bookshop, Hatchards on Piccadilly. It is my new favourite shop for new books.

I was back in London a couple of weeks later to help my niece celebrate her 5th birthday. My sister made rude remarks about the fact I was happier making tea and organising food than being in the hall they had hired. I pointed out the well known fact that I do not do children en masse until they reach the age of 16. I think I have been deputed to organise the 16th birthday party!!

Work has been mad and crazy as we have finally had our Ofsted inspection (the Government education standards people, for my non-British readers) We got a grade 2 (Good), which we richly deserved as most people had pulled out all the stops to improve what needed improving and to keep the good stuff at a high standard. Everybody is tired now and can’t wait for the holidays.

Since we have been having a spell of good weather I have got outside into the garden, enlarging my collection of herbs, planting pots full of flowers and refreshing our very tatty hanging baskets


Today I had a day off, thanks to a cancelled class and my having lots of lieu hours to take. As the forecast was chilly with rain and storms I shelved my original plans and did boring things like collect my prescription. I had a mini rifle through a couple of charity shops and found a lovely jug which I thought would look nice with flowers in it. Sadly, on the way home I popped into my local Post Office, which has a very heavy door. The ignorant get going in infront of me let the door swing back and in catching the door to prevent being smacked by it, the door caught my shopping bag. I heard a sickening thud and I mentally cursed the very rude man for his action. When I got home and inspected the damage, only the handle had broken off. It was easily fixed with superglue but there are a couple of chips in the previously perfect glaze and it makes me sad to see it spoiled. Oh well, it will still look pretty with flowers in it but I am either getting old or people really are becoming more selfish and ill mannered.

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