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Ages ago I decided that my make up bag was too big, too full and too cluttered. So I emptied it, sorted it and put my lovely peacock blue with chrysanthemums on satin bag in the cupboard. I bought a much smaller, equally lovely make-up bag (funnily enough it has peacocks on!) and stocked it with the basics. The make-up that I “discarded” was shoved into a basket in the cupboard.

It was no good. It seems that I just cannot manage with “the basics”. My smaller make up bag was becoming packed. The third in 3for2 offers, lipsticks bought because I needed cheering up or to celebrate actually having a couple of pounds in my account the day before payday (and it always feels decadent buying a frivolous lipstick just before payday!), high end treats courtesy of my Boots Advantage card points. It was too much.

So the other day I tipped out the contents of my make-up bag, I dug out the basket containing all my “discards” and found my lovely peacock blue with chrysanthemums on it bag at the back of the cupboard. After a good sort of out of date stuff and colours that I didn’t really like any more I put everything into my large bag. I needed to use my smaller bag just for my lipstick collection. Oh dearie me!

Bear in mind I do not work in the beauty industry, I am not a beauty blogger and as long I am clean and tidy and wearing Ribenaberry purple for work nobody cares if I wear make up daily or not (except for me, of course)

So for Little Miss Average, how much make-up is too much make-up?

Please take into account the fact that the blogs that I read are starting to get excited about Christmas and just occasionally feature a product that is in my not-even- Coca-Cola budget!!!!!!

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