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Cyber space ate my original post so I shall try and remember what sparkling thoughts I came out with for another go.

Before Christmas I took advantage of Collectif’s 50% off everything code and bought myself a new skirt and jumper that I had admired a couple of months ago. Due to 700 people trying to buy clothes at the same time, plus Christmas and New Year holidays they only arrived today but they cheer up a grey winter day splendidly.

Beau Jumper:


Polly Noelle Skirt:


I do like the Scandinavian jumper they’ve teamed with the skirt but alas pre-Christmas funds ran out 😦

After Christmas I headed for the Boxing Day sales from the comfort of my own settee and bought two dresses from Lady V London. They were less than half price and I would have bought a dress in the summer anyway so it was nice to get two for the price of one.

Pretty summer birdies Hepburn:


Dark red with white polka dots and a pretty bow, style Isabella


These two beauties are why I didn’t go back and buy the Scandinavian jumper from Collectif!

As I was putting my exciting parcels away in the wardrobe I decided to have a clear out. I had quite a few things that simply don’t fit any more and, thanks to medication, losing weight to fit them would be fighting a losing battle. Instead I am going to (try to) keep to approximately the weight I am now and if any medical personnel moan that I need to lose weight I shall politely point out that at least I’m not putting it on! So as I write I have a slightly emptier wardrobe and a sack full of clothes for the Teesside Hospice.

Mulling things over in my mind I thought that in the future I will have to streamline my budget and so maybe I need to look at what clothes I have, what outfits can be made from them and what (if anything) I need to make a priority to buy over the next year. So that is my resolution. To do this by the end of January and keep copies of the list in my handbag and in my tablet case so that any sales/shopping urges that come up over the next few months will see me buying clothes that I really need, not just because they’re a bargain. That’s my only resolution this year. I don’t usually make any because I break them by 1st January, but this one is achievable.

Oh and my only other sale bargain was a much needed new hairdryer. My old one has been making funny noises for the last couple of months and really alarming noises since Christmas. As there was a hairdryer that is £35 in Boots going for £9.99 in the Argos sale I decided to replace it before it exploded and burnt all my hair off! That will be it for buying nice things for a while. We get paid early in December so having to make already paltry wages stretch another two weeks is a struggle. Calling work and saying I can’t afford to travel in because I’ve spent all my money on pretty dresses and make up wouldn’t go down very well 😜


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