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All change

I have completed my induction week of my new life. For those who don’t know me in real life, I have left my job in education after 14 years because I have gained a place on a nursing degree, which is a real achievement – 160 places and 4000 applicants – and I’m still wondering how I managed it! I’m doing general adult nursing and although some specialisms appeal more than others I am looking forward to experiencing lots of different areas of nursing.


My Dad has already nicknamed me Nurse Nancy (from the Twinkle comic of my childhood), although my uniform isn’t as attractive as hers! White tunic and grey trousers, designed for comfort and sized very generously. Whilst one doesn’t want to be bursting at the seams I do feel as if I’m in my pjs, which means I’ll have to work extra hard to resist the urge to lie on a spare bed for a nap, lol!

Getting to grips with everything being online is my first challenge. Considering my first university experience was in the days when assignments were handwritten and each student had a pigeon hole for messages I will need to get into the routine of checking student email and the Blackboard system regularly. I am really looking forward to getting stuck in…


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I arrived home today to find a For Sale sign planted firmly in the garden. Somewhat taken aback, as this was the first I knew of any potential move, I went indoors to investigate.

The sign was the first that Mum and Dad knew that they were moving too. Mum had already called the estate agent and was told that they didn’t know how it had got there but they would “try” to remove it later today. Clearly they hadn’t bothered, so Dad rang up and was Extremely Firm in his demands. He spoke to a different person to the useless piece of goods that had been so feeble earlier, and this person was much more obliging. She searched all the records and there was no record of any house being registered for sale with them, or indeed any house on any similarly named street in the area. She even contacted the company responsible for putting up the For Sale signs, who conveniently had no record of the sign in question. I suspect that they were covering up their mistake, although why they would erect a sign in a random garden is beyond my simple brain capacity.

The estate agent has promised faithfully that the sign will be removed tomorrow and if it isn’t then the manager is going to get a right dressing down before close of play tomorrow!!!

But……what a bizarre occurrence!


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