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“Made So Quickly!”

Although I have posted this on Instagram, I shall still blog about it for any readers that do not follow me on Instagram (or linked social media). The pattern is called “Made So Quickly” from Susan Crawford’s A Stitch In Time vol 1 and I used Louisa Harding’s  Ianthe (now discontinued). According to Ravelry it is called Fuchsia but it is more of a reddy pink, like watermelon sorbet. The buttons are made by me, using Liberty Tana Lawn in Winchester S. Coincidentally both pattern and fabric design are from the 1930s đŸ™‚

Made So Quickly

I feel as if I will get a  lot of wear out of this, and I am even contemplating knitting a long sleeved one in wool for the winter. We shall see, though. There are so many pretty patterns and not enough time to make them all. If only I had a rich husband or an independent income!!!


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