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Not just because my bank account will briefly look healthier but I need some new clothes!

Not counting my summer skirts and dresses, I have 2 pairs of jeans (one very shabby) and my leggings which fit me. I haven’t tried them but I suspect my work trousers are going to be a little on the loose side by the time I put them on again in September. All my other trousers are too big! I’ve lost a total of 10 1/2 lbs and only have 3 1/2 lbs to lose to get my 1 stone shiny sticker. So my aim of losing a stone before September might just be achieved!!!!

So I’m sneaking into Dad’s car tomorrow as he wants to go to Boundary Mills, let’s see if I can pick up a bargain!!

Now all I need is for this bloody virus to clear up, so I can get my energy back and enjoy my holidays!!!


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The plus side to being ill

Not being the best patient in the world, being told that the Mystery Lurgy (already at the end of it’s second week) could last for an additional 2 weeks has given me a lovely pet lip!!

The plus side to all this is that my weight loss is steaming ahead at a rate of knots. I’ve lost 9 1/2 lbs in my first 4 weeks! Although I know once I’m better that rate will slow down and there is always the potential I’ll gain weight, it makes for an excellent beginning 🙂

Already some of my clothes are fitting better and I have one dress which I couldn’t wear 4 weeks ago that now fits fine.

Now all I need is for more sunshine, more energy and less lurgy and everything will be looking up. I really don’t want all of my holidays to be spent being ill.

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