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“Made So Quickly!”

Although I have posted this on Instagram, I shall still blog about it for any readers that do not follow me on Instagram (or linked social media). The pattern is called “Made So Quickly” from Susan Crawford’s A Stitch In Time vol 1 and I used Louisa Harding’s  Ianthe (now discontinued). According to Ravelry it is called Fuchsia but it is more of a reddy pink, like watermelon sorbet. The buttons are made by me, using Liberty Tana Lawn in Winchester S. Coincidentally both pattern and fabric design are from the 1930s 🙂

Made So Quickly

I feel as if I will get a  lot of wear out of this, and I am even contemplating knitting a long sleeved one in wool for the winter. We shall see, though. There are so many pretty patterns and not enough time to make them all. If only I had a rich husband or an independent income!!!

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July so far

At the end of June I received some excellent news; one of my oldest friends had safely delivered her first baby. It wasn’t the easiest birth but both were safe and well. I organised to go to London so that I could see the baby. I haven’t included a photo because I forgot to ask permission, although I don’t think I’d be allowed as New Mum isn’t a fan of social media. However I can report that he is very tiny, very cuddly and only cries when wet/hungry/cold/hot/uncomfortable. A perfectly placid child 👶

London is rather a long way to go for one day so I (and my bank balance) decided to spend most of two days travelling (I went by coach) and have two days. H, with whom I was staying, took the Friday off and we went to Canterbury and Whitstable. I’d never been to either place and I had a wonderful day. Canterbury had a lot of lovely little shops and I could have spent a fortune, an urge only repressed by the fact that I had to carry anything I bought onto the coach. Whitstable was a lovely place. We didn’t go into the town but to a place just outside. There we dined at the elegant Marine Hotel

After dinner we had another walk along the front, admiring all the beach huts. I was filled with beach-hut-envy!

H and I spent a wonderful time planning our fantasy beach huts! They would be at least twice the size of these beach huts and very luxurious.

Here are a few of my favourite ones…

I love the Art Deco look of this one, in particular the green and cream colourway.
There will always be blue skies here.

Blue and white was a popular combination for beach huts. It looks so fresh and summery.
This one made me smile because our local psychiatric unit was called St. Luke’s until fairly recently, although we decided that this hut belonged to the Scouts.
Beach huts from begin, showing the sea.
Walking along the front we saw some splendid houses but I only took a photo of one (remiss of me, I know). This house would have been perfect if Monsieur Poirot decided to holiday at Whitstable. It is so 1930s, not a curve in sight! One very modern house, we were somewhat horrified to notice, had a floor to ceiling window in the bathroom!!!!!

When I did my post holiday accounts I am very glad that I have no big financial plans for the rest of July. Instead I have a long list of books to read, crafting to finish and a rather late, much needed spring clean to complete.

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