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This and that

I have just consumed an entire Pizza Hut medium pizza and loved every mouthful! Well it was fairly balanced – it had veges (and fruit if you count the tomato) it had dairy and protein, it had carbs. Let’s just gloss over the amount of fat and move onto the fact that I was still peckish so I finished up the box of cherries I’d taken for my lunch.

I’m sort of giving up on the diet this week, in a sense. Mother Nature has been an unmitigated bitch to me this week and I am holding enough water to refill Lake Michigan with the result the scales are telling me that I’ve gained several pounds when I haven’t really. I am sticking to the diet and exercise plan but I’m not fussing hugely on the amount of weight lost this week. I can step daintily onto the scales at the end of the week and see what’s what.

Speaking of which; I hope all of my neighbours were keeping themselves to themselves as usual this evening. I decided to put the bin out, ready for bin day in the morning – wearing just the classiest ensemble. I’d started the day in black dress, black cardi, tights and shoes. My tights were driving me insane so I took them off when I got home from work. Then I got really cold so I put my pyjama bottoms on and dug out some slippers given to me three Christmasses ago (I don’t usually wear slippers but my feet were beyond purple). So by the time I put the bin out I was wearing black dress, black cardi, pyjama bottoms black with silver stars on and burgundy slippers that are like Ugg boots!!! I’m glad it was dark and most of my clothes were black. If I looked a sight at least I was a warm sight ūüôā

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Ups and downs

I weighed myself yesterday and had gained a lb. But……..I am currently suffering a visit from Aunt Flo, in spite of locking the door and pretending that nobody was at home. I feel this may explain some weight gain, although I did fall off the wagon somewhat at the beginning of ¬†last week. I’ll try again in a couple of days when the bloat has gone down a bit and see if I change. If not then I guess I gained a lb!!!

I do have pretty shoes to cheer me up though. Red floral ones with bows on.¬†http://tinyurl.com/5shttgk I also bought a new summer dress. God knows why I did when nothing I own fits me and I bought it in my usual size. I must have been¬†overrun¬†with hormones or something! Anyway I tried it on, just for the hell of it and it actually fitted. More or mess. The buttons were a bit tight but it will fit once I’m back into my usual clothes. ¬†Baby steps………..

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Too much fecking wine

I went out last night with one of my oldest friends for a much overdue catch up. As we both have bank balances that are in such deepest mourning they send out statements on black-edged paper we only went to the Southern Cross, who do a half decent wine for ¬£5 a bottle. Although they’ve changed their “decent” to White Mountain, which seems to send a lot of people completely off their heads! We drank one bottle without even noticing it. Blinking at the empty bottle E says “I’ll get another and we can always leave what we don’t want” A long gossip later we suddenly realise that the second bottle had about a glassful left in it! Not wanting to waste it we shared the remains out. I had been feeling fine up til then but that one half glass seemed to tip me over from apparently sober to slightly tipsy and I’m sure E was the same!

We walked back from the pub to our usual meeting point, about equal distance from our two houses and were stood there for ages finishing our gossip. I was vaguely aware of a car that had pulled up and I¬†thought¬†“Oh dear, I hope that car¬†isn’t¬†full of dodgy blokes cos I have to walk past it on my own in the dark!” Luckily it turned out to be my dad on his way home from his weekly folk club, stopping to put me in the car and save me the last little walk home. It was a very nice thing to do and I’m sure I’d been the same if I’d passed my daughter in the street but I usually rely on that walk to sober me up somewhat! Oh well, I drank 2 large glasses of water before bed and hoped for the best.

I woke up this morning feeling fine, not the slightest bit hungover, hooray!! I was ravenous though so I’m sure my diet went out the window as I consumed four pieces of buttered toast for breakfast. I then had another two slices in Morrison’s cafe, along with a nice milky coffee and then two more to finish off my healthy chicken salad lunch!! I then found a¬†rather¬†giant bag of prawn crackers which are now history and I know for a fact that Yorkshire puddings are going to be on the menu for tea because I’m going downstairs in a minute to make the batter for them!

After saying bye bye to all that weight I lost yesterday I’m now saying hello, welcome back to some of it! The diet can start tomorrow!

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Weigh in

Eeeep!!! My scales have been very hit and miss and I have been deluding myself somewhat.

Digital scales on a carpet do not give accurate results. Digital scales on a hard surface do. The accurate results are NOT to my liking!!

Plan B: Go with accurate results, even if it means the starting weight is A LOT higher than originally thought. On the brighter side the weight loss is also vastly increased. Instead of a measly 2-3lbs loss I’ve lost 6-8lbs!!!! (I can’t remember if the original high weight was *mumble*stones 6lbs or *mumble*stones 8lbs)

Now I feel a lot better and a lot more deserving of those pretty shoes!

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Red Shoes Day

Yesterday was a Red Shoes Day. After my pity party the day before it was Time to Act. So I found a nice dress that fits and instead of the leggings with which I usually team it I wore thick tights and my little red kitten heels. I can’t say I felt 100% better but it was nice to know I have at least one outfit that is approaching pretty.

My new Next Directory came yesterday as well, so I made a cuppa and settled down to a good look through. What a waste of time! Most of the clothes in there are hideous, some even made the models look like freaks so what they would do to us mere mortals I shudder to think! Really I’m glad I’m not planning a new wardrobe, I’d be very naked or wearing jeans and one of the few nice tops in there! Not that there’s anything wrong with jeans and a nice top, but a girl likes variety. The saving grace of the whole catalogue was the handbag and shoes section. I could have spent an entire Lottery win on bags and shoes alone! (Well, I can do that anyway but you know what I mean) I think I might have to treat myself to the prettiest shoes next payday – a reward for sticking to this hideous diet!

On the subject of diet I did wonder if my Red Shoes Outfit was a little skimpy for the thick frosts we had all day but I don’t think so. I wore the same amount of clothes that I would normally wear and I was cold even in the warm spots. Doing my food diary I was shocked to discover I’d apparently consumed a mere 763 calories! Even allowing for the inaccuracies of the system I am using I probably struggled to hit the 1000 calorie mark. Ooops! I shall make up for that today in spadefuls. Out for lunch then wine and gossip this evening. Yummy! Oh and I haven’t weighed myself yet this week. I was going to do it tomorrow, but maybe I ought to do it today given what I have planned!

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I am bored of dieting now. On one hand it has done me good in that I’m taking time to prepare good, healthy lunches, I’m watching my intake of junk food and eating better all round. But I am fed up of having to watch everything that passes my lips. I’m sick of people telling me it’s wrong to eat below the recommended number of calories for a woman, people telling me I don’t need to lose weight, people telling me to never mind one biscuit won’t harm me. I feel like bursting into tears when none of my clothes fit and I have to go around looking like a fat frump in the same things all the time while a wardrobe full of pretty clothes gathers dust. I sorted my shoes out this afternoon and I really felt like throwing the whole lot into the bin. What’s the point of having nice shoes if you aren’t wearing nice clothes to go with them? All I want is to be able to fit into my nice clothes but that moment feels a whole lifetime away.

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Knitting sleeves is incredibly boring but a sleeveless cardigan is not much use.

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